Why buy rainforest timber?

5 reasons why NOT to buy rainforest timber:

1.Logging of the rainforest represents approx.20% of the world’s Co2 outlet
2. Important medicine plants grow there
3. 50-80% of the species on planet earth lives there (several endangered)
4. The million of years old biodiversity area is impossible to replace (not even by replanting)
5. Several million indigenous people, who takes good care of the forest are loosing their land

The Indian chief Raoni (82) travelled with Sting in 1989 to tell the world about the deforestation in his land. He is travelling again, because he is concerned.


He visited the Rainforest Foundation in Oslo 13th of June 2014 and I was lucky to get his picture. The deforestation in Brazil is picking up again in large scale because of a new law, which allows more deforestation. Every third second the size of a football lane of rainforest is destroyed to get minerals, wood and build electrical power plants. They claim it is to give electricity to people. That is not true. It is to give energy to the industry, he says.

What a cultural splits he is doing for his beloved forest and us!



The only hope he has is that the person’s opinion, you and me, will stand up and say NO to the destruction. «Please do not buy rainforest timber» is his request. The government in rainforest countries are on the large companies side, and not the indigenous and local people.The locals will not gain from of the destruction.

The Norwegian King Harald, visiting Amazonas last year, claims that the planet will change dramatically without the rainforest. Scientists share his opinion and have done a lot of research on the topic,

This is what you can do:

1. Do not buy rainforest timber (not even certified) or products with palm-oil (deforestation is done for building plantations ).
2. Attain campaigns  (like the successful Palmoilcampaign of the Norwegian Rainforest Foundation, which made an international success i.e. Procter & Gamble palm oil policy.).
3. Like The Rainforest Alliance or the Rainforest Foundation Norway and share their content on Facebook. The foundations make a huge effort saving the rainforest and the indigenous people.
4. Donate to the Rainforest Foundation US or the Rainforest Foundation in Norway.

In Norway rainforest timber in public buildings is forbidden. Even though some buildings are still built with it. In addition, a lot of office buildings, private , interior, furniture and boats are built with rainforest timber. In the newly established Barcode area in Oslo, the DNB building and several more are built with rainforest material.

The forest belong to these, future generations and not large companies: