The Norwegian Royal Palace Garden (Queen Park) is the first of it’s kind turning eco-friendly. (The Royal Farm has been ecological for years).


Potatoes are grown improving the soil as in Permaculture principles. We hope the edible garden solution continues with Permaculture principles as a showroom for sustainable gardening.

Every Royal Garden with respect for itself has a water fountain.

There are 2 fulltime gardeners in the garden and Mr. Hildre is the manager we had the pleasure of meeting on Oslo Åpne Hus exhibition 14th Sept. 2014.


Pesticides are not used in the garden and some areas grow a bit more wild, helping the bees and humblebees finding food. With this solution they save gasoline and gain a lot of time for other projects. Nearly two days a week were spent on cutting grass before, now it is reduced to 3 hours.

Sunflowers grown as a present to The Royal Crownprincess 40-years birthday.

DSCN1824 DSCN1832

They use Algomin (algie) ecological fertilizer in the Queen park, but is too costly for the whole the huge park.May we graciously suggest they use plants that bring neutrogen to the soil as beans or clover as natural fertilizer?

They have hives for bees withdrawn on one of the islands. They are pleased to announce that the hives produces a lot of tasty honey this year.


Planning for 100 years ahead gives a broader perspective than the short time focus as in traditional agriculture. A park is a manager of nature and culture for generations and are ambassadors for good development for today and future generations.


Their next project will focus on Rainbeds with plants which are able to handle both more rain and drought, caused by the climatechange. Suggested plants are Orris and Iris.

The Royal Palace Gardeners welcome you to suggest solutions or input on their Facebook page.