20-21 October 2016 GreenBuilt@OsloInnovationWeek

Green Architecture & Procurement.

Oslo is becoming a Green City by unique private-public-NGO project involvement.

The Norwegian government aims to increase green projects. How is green procurement in public and private building sector today and in the near future?

Join us as part of Oslo Innovation Week #OIW2016 for Workshops, Presentations, 8x8GreenBuiltProjects and a Guided Tour to our outstanding and excellent green buildings and learn from real projects.

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Programme Norwegian

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Where: Marmorsalen, Sentralen, Ovre Slottsgate 3, Oslo

20 Ocotober

08:30 – 16:00        Green Design // Knowledge & Debates

18:00 – 21:00         8 Green Design Projects x 8 minutes

21 October

09:00  – 12:00         Green Built TOUR

The Green Built Conference in connection with Oslo Innovation Week #OIW2016 has the aim of providing valuable and cutting-edge information on green building and sustainability.

The conference this year will cover a variety of topics related to green building, ranging from building science to policy, from finance to post-occupancy research, and from case studies to equity, producers and community issues. This content will be covered throughout the day, which will include a keynote address, a variety of sessions to choose from, lunch, all followed by an inspirational evening with green built prosjects and reception. We’re looking forward to seeing you on this educational and fun day!

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Schedule main sessions


08:30 am – 10:00 am // Environmental Regulations (In Norwegian)

10:00 pm – 11:30 pm // Eco-Product Innovation

11:30 am – 12:30 am // Networking and Lunch

12:30 am – 1:30 pm // Public and Private Green Procurement

1:30 pm – 4:00 pm // World cafè workshops (In Norwegian)

6:00 pm – 9:00 pm / 8×8 Green Built Projects (Programme)
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9:00 AM – 12 AM Oslo Green Built TOUR



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Goal for the seminar: Increase knowledge of Eco-certified buildings, procurement and projects.

Moderator: Svein Tveitdal, Klima2020

Organizer: Ecoteria AS

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Thursday 20 October 2016

08:30 – 09.00 Registration & Coffè

09:00 – 09:15 Welcome by Inger Solberg, Sustainable Manager, Innovation Norway

09:15  – 10:00  Environmental Regulations (In Norwegian)

Who is responsible and what are the consequences of existing regulations?

Moderator: Svein Tveitdal, Klima2020

Panel members

10:00 – 11:30   Eco-Product Innovation

  • Tina H. Solvberg / Project Manager Climate and Environment / National Innovation Boost (Leverandørutviklingsprogrammet)

8 companies will be presenting their innovative eco-products and their experiences.

  • Morten Aarhus / CEO / Forbo-Flooring

11:30 – 12:30     Lunch (included)

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12:30  – 13:30    Public & Private Green Procurement

Increasing demand of eco-documented building materials and impact of procurement procedures.

Moderator: Svein Tveitdal, Klima2020

Panel members

Leg stretch

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 13:45  – 16:00    World Cafè Workshops (In Norwegian)

There will be a switch of two table sessions. The aim is to increase your understanding in various topics of Green Built Design.

  1. Karin Sjostrand / Sweco // Life Cyckle Assessment (LCA)

  2. Kjersti Folvik / NGBC // Material requirements Breeam Nor

  3. Trine Dyrstad Pettersen / Construction Products Assosiation // The Nordic Guide to Sustainable Materials

  4. Eco-Product talk
  5. Oslo Community (Undervisningsbygg) – Students / measuring eco-impact  in buildings
  6. Jan Bang / Permaculture Designer // Holistic outdoor design
  7. Nicole Schalin / Architect // Natural Elements

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18:00 – 20:00    8 Green Built Projects x 8 Minutes

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Siri Steinbakk / Project Manager/ Entra Real Estate // Power House Kjorboe

Heidi Lyngstad / Environmental Manager / KLP Real Estate // Fornebu Shopping Centre

Birgit Rusten / Program Manager / Futurebuilt // Climate friendly architecture and urbanism

and  5 more coming up

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Friday 21st October

Oslo Green Built Tour (Limited seats)

Comprehensiv guided tour to Oslo’s Green Buildings.

There are limited seats. Booking required! Find tickets here.

9:00  Welcome back to Sentralen, Wintergarden


Guides will join you in these buildings:

  • Power House Kjorboe // Outstanding Breeam-Nor Renovation

  • FornebuShoppingCentre //  Outstanding Breeam-Nor
  • Bryngseng School // Futurebuilt

  • Helsfyr / Norwegian Environment Ageny // Excellent Breeam-Nor

  • Schweigaardsgate 21-23 // Excellent Breeam-Nor building

12:00 // Thank you for joining us!

*The programme is currently under development

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EARLY BIRD 2 for 1 // NOK 750,- per person ex. fee (Ord NOK 1800)

Students and startups // NOK 550 ex.fee (Ord NOK 750)

Including excellent lunch from Sentralen

Limited time and number of early bird tickets.


Limited time and number of tickets

PRESS Free entrance

We will be happy to welcome press in a realaxing seating lounge including snacks and drinks.

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