14×7 Solutions Made in Norway (Video)

Thank you for being part of the solutions!

We are proud to present 14 short stories of solutions made in Norway. The event was a part of #Klimafestivalen112 in 2017.

Click here and enjoy videos of the 7 minute stories (part 2 and part 1 below).


«You and Paris» // by Johannes L.Z. Daae // Bergfald Environmental Consultants // HiOA
It is not as hard as you think to reduce your footprint by 40%

«Fixing the Future» // by Kaja Ahnfelt // Restarters
Fixing your electronics is important and fun. We arrange fixing parties.

«Urban Eco Farming» // by Marianne Leisner// Gartneriet Bygdo Royal Manor
Food production has a huge environmental impact world-wide. Urban Eco-gardening is healthy both for environment and people. Join courses at Gartneriet.

«Houston, We have a major garbage problem» // by Jens Maage // Avfall Norge
Waste is a trendy resource

“Power House & Cars Level 2” // by Siri Steinbakk // Entra Property
One outstanding renovated building has enough power to charge hydrogen cars by solar power.

«The motivation to change consumption patterns» // by Hege Skarrud // Spire


«Let nature do the job” // by Ellen Paalgard // Sabima
Leave old forest in Norway as it is to protect important biodiversity and carbonstorage.

“Climatefriendlier Shopping Centre” // by Heidi Lyngstad // KLP Eiendom (Property)
The first Breeam Outstanding shopping Centre in the world. Green roof gardens, Solar panels, eco-friendly materials and tenants.

“Smart, Compact & Social” // by Daniel C. Tabacaru //  Reframe Architecture
Social cooperation, smart green living and Sahara Project will reframe our society.

“Circkling in on Climate Solutions” // by Linda Rundqvist Parr // Grandparents Climate Actions
Engagement creates both fun and important results at all ages.

«Waste of space – just in case. Just in time – green as lime» // by Jenny Skagestad // Zero
How to change into good living by sharing, saving space – just in time.

“Biomimicry» // by Michel Wolfstirn // Biomimicry Norway

“Life Cyckle and the Butterfly effect” // by Vikki Johansen // Ecoteria
Belive in what you do and eco-certifications (next to reducing, reusing)

Eco-certified products and services are easy to find in our menues and articles.

Thank you for being part of the solution!

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