2017 24 Jan 14×7 Solutions -Made in Norway

Be a part of the solution and not a part of the problem!

Streaming part I and II  @Facebook Event

Join us for 14 inspiring short stories about climate solutions Made in Norway. Each story is in 7 minutes & 20 pictures.

Place: Vinterhagen, Sentralen, Øvre Slottsgate 3, Oslo
Date: Tuesday 24 January 2017 at 18-21
Free entrance / limited seats – requires email to:

Organizer: www.ecoteria.no



Music & Lyrics by Einar Flaa

«You and Paris» // by Johannes L.Z. Daae // Bergfald Environmental Consultants // HiOA

«Fixing the Future» // by Kaja Ahnfelt // Restarters

“From Pollution to Solution” // by Olaf Braastad // Bellona

«Urban Eco Farming» // by Marianne Leisner// Gartneriet Bygdo Royal Farm

«Houston, We have a major garbage problem» // by Jens Maage // Avfall Norge

“Power House & Cars Level 2” // by Siri Steinbakk // Entra Property

«The motivation to change consumption patterns» // by Hege Skarrud // Spire

Break – open bar

«Let nature do the job” // by Ellen Paalgard // Sabima

“Climatefriendlier Shopping Centre” // by Heidi Lyngstad // KLP Property

“Smart, Compact & Social” // by Daniel C. Tabacaru //  Reframe Architecture

“Circkling in on Climate Solutions” // by Linda Rundqvist Parr // Grandparents Climate Actions

«Waste of space – just in case. Just in time – green as lime» // by Jenny Skagestad // Zero

“Biomimicry» // by Michel Wolfstirn // Biomimicry Norway

“Life Cyckle Desire and the Butterfly effect” // by Vikki Johansen // Ecoteria

Thank you for being part of the solution!

Sponsor: avfall-norge-logo

Ecoteria email address : ecoteria@outlook.com.