Wall panels kitchen & bathroom – Berry Alloc

Berry Alloc wall coverings for kitchens and bathrooms were designed to transform your home. The Kitchen Walls and Wall&Water are decorative, trendy, easy to install, require little maintenance, and are above all, under lifetime warranty. Their patterns, colours and shapes were designed in partnership with our Design agency.

  • Quick and easy installation
  • Aqua and heat resistant
  • Tiled wall effect
  • Wear proof
  • Easy maintenance

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BerryAlloc takes environmental challenges seriously, and lives up to the demands set for sustainable development. This is an important part of our business concept, and includes the entire product life cycle. BerryAlloc produces laminate products mostly from paper and wood, manufactured in accordance with the environmental certification standard ISO 14 001. Our products are manufactured, used and recycled in a health-and environmentally conscious manner. All laminate products from BerryAlloc are CE marked according to European requirements for marking of such products. We maintain full compliance with the annual registration and reporting requirements imposed by the relevant environmental authorities.

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