277 Smartbuilding app – by Jung

With the eNet app in combination with the eNet IP Gateway you control lighting, shading and scenes in your eNet installation via a graphical user interface. Convenient, intuitive and mobile for public buildings and private houses.

With the eNet app the management of your installation is carried out inexpensive and without programming.
Via the JUNG IP gateway up to five smartphones with the installed JUNG eNet App can be connected.

Can be installed quicly, easy and costfriendly. You save energy and environment.

24 channels to operate eNet actuators, 20 favourite lists and 16 scenes are integrated.

Scanning and configuring
After the device scan, functions can be assigned to their sites of action. The desired denomination and assignment of scenes is carried out here as well.

Room overview
For the creation of the entire room the desired icons are selected from a library. The naming of the rooms can be made individually.

Control of functions and scenes
If the user calls up for the desired room via the icons, the assigned functions and scenes are clearly displayed. Afterwards, a convenient touch operation can be carried out.

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